The nun who hides trafficked women
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Human trafficking: What you can do


Activist and actress Ashley Judd speaks out agains human trafficking © UN Photos
Activist and actress Ashley Judd speaks out agains human trafficking © UN Photos
As promising as progress in criminalizing the offenders have been in the last years, victims of human trafficking have been largely neglected. According to Sister Ann the care for victims remained at the same low levels; funding and financial support are being kept to a minimum by government budgets.

Instead, charities like the Medaille Trust are required to find their own sources to provide the vital services they offer. Donations are urgently needed.

But there is more the average person can do than give money.

“Just be aware of it and raise awareness, let people know that this is going on. Be alert. See what is going on in your street because it is not just in brothels that this is happening, it's in very ordinary houses and flats. Because there’s a breakdown in community in our country, people do not really notice what’s going on in their area", Sister Ann concludes.

Mothers especially have a vital role to play: “Women who have sons, especially if they’re at an age that they go to stag parties, just warn them that there will be pressure on them to go to a brothel and let them know that the women in those brothels, most of them haven’t chosen to be there. So try and change the behavior of young men.”

Indeed, even if we're not mother's yet we can still help to raise awareness by speaking openly about it. Don't let ignorance by an excuse. Pass the message on.


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