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Good Morning America Ruined Everyone's Morning with One Depressing GIF

Emma Goddard
by Emma Goddard Published on June 8, 2015

Nothing says "good morning" like a hot cup of Joe and another reminder that Mufasa died in "The Lion King." Oh... wait. Sorry, that's wrong. Actually, that's not the best way to wake everyone up in the morning, but according to some people *ahem, Good Morning America* it seemed like a great idea when they tweeted a GIF of one of the saddest moments in Disney history. Maybe the saddest moment.

In an attempt to relate to the Monday morning struggle we all experience, the social media team behind Good Morning America's Twitter account tweeted a GIF revealing Mufasa's death and a poor, sad Simba crawling under his arm. All. The. Feels. Though I understand the intention, I can't imagine how someone decided that this was a good idea. The original tweet, which has since been deleted (of course), read, "RT if this was you this morning" because apparently someone at GMA feels we all experience this upon waking up.

Do I rise in the morning feeling like I've been in hibernation for months though it's only been several hours? Yes. Do I snooze my alarm several times likely angering my downstairs neighbors? Absolutely. However, when I wake up every day I in no way feel like a depressed child who's just witnessed the death of their parent by the hands of his own brother. Should we worry about the person who tweeted that?

​I mean surely this would have been a better choice:

Better luck next time, GMA.

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This article was written by Emma Goddard. Follow her on Twitter @egoddardhokie.

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by Emma Goddard

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