Strategies to de-stress your life

 - Strategies to de-stress your life
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Stress! Too much on your plate! Everything happening at once! There's the kids, the career, the family, the friends, the dog/cat/hamster, and a trillion other things that need your attention and most of all: your time.

If that sounds familiar, you are not alone. A recent study showed that more than 70 percent of women feel exactly this way.

Overwhelming stress is a fixture of modern life, as is the feeling that as much as you need a break, and some time to yourself, your busy schedule just won't allow it.

Rather than escaping from it all, Erin A. Kurt, author and life coach suggests finding strategies that help you to de-stress your life and harmonize with your family.

"It's easier than we've been told and I want to show people how." says Kurt, "I've seen and felt the beauty that comes from parents and children who are at ease within their families. It's the way I believe we are meant to live and I know that when families are strong, our communities are strong, so this is a huge motivator to me."

A busy mum herself, Kurt has taken much of her inspiration from her own experiences: "I write, speak, coach, and am part owner in another company.  I have moved to three countries in 3 years, lived through a major home renovation. And I am also a mother and a wife."

It's dizzying just thinking about it. Surely there must be times when she feels overwhelmed? 

"Yes, a few, but they always have to do with work, not my home life.  My home life is my joy, my haven, and I want to show other mothers how to have this too.  It is totally possible."

Ways to juggle family and career

Busy mums want to feel confident, in their job, with their colleagues but also at home as a mother. The secret, Kurt says, is to be organized. "Stress comes from not having systems, routines or places to put things.  Learn techniques that can help your life run more smoothly." These rules of systematizing life apply both at work and at home.

Three basic steps to a stress-free family life

Leading a de-stressed life starts at home. "Parents are able to live a balanced life and enjoy their family more deeply in a happier environment.", Kurt says. "Life will just naturally feel more simple and peaceful." If this sounds a bit smug and not at all practical - she's come up with three basic steps to help you achieve stress-free parenting too: 

1. Getting discipline right because this creates the foundation and peaceful environment necessary for all the good things to take place. Getting discipline right means being confident about setting firm limits but also having the patience to explain your ways of doing things. Kurt says " My 4 step technique works every time on a child of any age, so if they can say 4 things over and over they’ve got it!"

2. Allowing for exclusive Family Time because it is vital that we give our children what they need and want as well as create close emotional bonds with them. When our children get what they need and feel deeply connected to us they feel safe, secure and loved. "Children need a lot less than we are giving them.  It’s the quality of what we give them, not the quantity. This relates to our time, to the lessons we drive them to, to the toys we buy them, to the experiences we provide.  Simplification is the key and I show parents how to do that." With this knowledge the guilt that mothers feel can easily melt away and confidence can be restored; they will know that they are doing all that they need to.

3. Taking time for yourself because mothers in particular forget about themselves, become run down, lose a sense of who they are and are not able to be the kind of mother they want to be. To avoid this, mothers need to take exclusive spaces each month to have alone time, personal development time, girlfriend time, date nights with their husbands..."You were a person with interests, talents, friends and hobbies before becoming a mother", Kurt says. "And you still ARE this person that needs attention." 

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