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Not celebrating Christmas - non-Christian festivals in December


Stephanie, 20, student, Manchester

As I'm Jewish, so I've never celebrated Christmas.

In my family, we celebrate Hanukkah, a festival that occurs around the same time but lasts for a week.

Every day, we light a candle and offer little presents, at the beginning, at the end or during the 7 days, as you prefer.

But the 25th of December is a day like any other for me.

People often feel sorry for me, they find it sad, whereas it's completely normal for me.

I've never felt frustrated about the overall Christmas atmosphere, the decorations in the street, the people talking about their festive plans.

I've got my own gifts and festival, it's just different... and it lasts longer.

Cynthia, 28, economist, London

I always celebrated Christmas when I was little but the older I get, the less I see the point of it.

It's a bit like a wedding: you're forced to get together with loads of relatives when you don't necessarily want to, be all smiley around them and on top of that; you're supposed to give them presents.

So now that I'm at an age to say "no", I'm boycotting it.

This year, I'm off to visit a friend who lives in Mumbai.

I'm hoping there won't be the stress levels there that I usually associate with the Christmas period.


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