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40 of the Best Subscription Boxes for Mother's Day

Emma Goddard
by Emma Goddard Published on May 8, 2015

Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 10, and if you don't already have a gift then you're SOL. Just kidding, I've got you covered. Luckily, there's this handy thing called the Internet, and with that comes some of the best subscription gifts the world has to offer. I know, I know. That almost seems like a cop-out, similar to buying someone a giftcard, but some of the best gifts I've given and received have been subscription boxes. So just trust me on this one and take out your credit card.

The Music Lover

Thanks for sharing this snap of your #pairingsbox @vanessagene!

A photo posted by Turntable Kitchen (@turntablekitchen) on Feb 6, 2015 at 5:19pm PST

Turntable Kitchen

I ordered three months of this box for my boyfriend who's obsessed with collecting vinyls, and it's just lovely. Every month, Kasey and Matthew will send a selection of recipes they've created, a premium ingredient, a digital mixtape and a vinyl single. Beautifully packaged, this pairings box subscription is perfect for someone who not only loves music but cooking as well.

JukeBox Box

Is your mother all about a good tune? With JukeBox, new music, some fun band swag (like stickers and T-shirts), and other music treats will be shipped to the recipient every month! Valued at $35, this box will typically contain six to eight items.

The Music Box

With three-month and six-month subscriptions, The Music Box works with different musicians to deliver their music to you as well as some fun band merchandise. You can expect anything from CDs to posters to shirts. Additionally, you can purchase an envelope rather than a box if you're just looking for a small gift.


The great thing about IRLBox (previously known as Merchbox), is that you'll be introduced to different artists but you'll also get goodies. As those behind the box describe what you might find inside, "It’s a surprise, but imagine if your Tumblr Dashboard sent you mail IRL - in real life. You'll get a box of goodies from some of the world's best creatives (artists, comedians, bands, etc)." Exciting, right?

Vinyl Me, Please

Vinyls galore! If your mom is one to search through flea markets and yard sales for old records, she'll love this present. Every month, she'll receive a limited edition LP, an original 12''x12'' art print and custom cocktail pairing, and access to their weekly music and gear digest.

The Fashionista


Similar to the subscription box Quarterly, Wantable is split up into categories: makeup, accessories, intimates, fitness and style. So basically this will be a great option for your mom no matter which box you decide to go with. If you choose to buy her The Collection service (which includes something from accessories, makeup and intimates), she'll be able to keep what she loves at no extra fee and return what she doesn't. On the other hand, if she receives a fitness or style box, she'll have to pay for what she keeps and return the rest for free.

Le Tote

This cute subscription comes with a hefty price tag, but it'll be worth it when you see the look on your mother's face. Chosen by a personal stylist, five products will be sent to her door in a cute tote bag (which she keeps). The recipient can either rent the clothing and accessories and eventually return them or purchase the items in the tote.

My Panty Box

So getting this gift for her might be a tad awkward, but who doesn't love some good underwear? My Panty Box sends one pair a month (ranging anywhere from thongs to culottes), and starts at $50 for a three-month subscription.

Sock Panda

With a different creation every month, Sock Panda delivers the coolest, most colorful socks your mother will ever have in her life. Not to mention subscribing to Sock Panda also helps the company get closer to their goal of donating 1 million socks to those in need. It's like the gift that keeps on giving.

Stitch Fix

From my own mother to my friends, I've only heard good things about Stitch Fix. The idea is that you fill out a personal style quiz and a personal stylist selects out goodies for you to ship straight to your door. You have to pay $25 for every box, which contains five articles of clothing. You try out every piece, pay for the items you want, and send back the clothes you don't want for free.

The Major Foodie

Naturally. What's your favorite song to cook to?

A photo posted by Plated (@plated) on Feb 2, 2015 at 4:25pm PST


For the cook in your life, Plated delivers fresh and seasonal ingredients, as well as recipes to help out your loved one in the kitchen. Though the subscription will most definitely make a dent in your wallet, the business only sends you the finest of ingredients. We're talking products like skirt stake, white wine and potatoes. Yes, really.

Bon Appetit Box

The French have found a way to our hearts with this wonderful box. French gourmet food experts, Zoe and Bertrand, select various French products for you to enjoy, like duck and pork paté or sweet onions confit. It'll make you drool for days. Starting at $75 for a single box, your mother will not be disappointed.


If your mom is totally into her snacks, she'll love Nibblr. And each box is only $6.99! Holla at that. From fruit snacks to crisps, the box options are both delicious and healthy. Each box contains four portion-controlled snacks and can even be delivered weekly! She'll never go hungry again.


Another one that I bought my sweetie, this box is completely full of Asian goodies. At only $25 per month, the creators behind this one are quite generous as this is one of the largest gift boxes I've seen. From Asian versions of American candy bars, to full-size drinks, OmNomBox is a winner for adventurous eaters.


Lemon almond cookie dippers? Zesty chili lime cashews? Vietnamese pho? Your stomach will be growling by the time you've chosen the snack items you want to deliver to your mom for her Mother's Day present. And I don't blame you. Graze? More like binge if you purchase this box.

The Beauty Guru

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

Even if your mother isn't vegan, she'll likely appreciate the fact that the beauty products packed into her box subscription are cruelty-free. At $19.95 per month, she'll receive mostly organic and natural items. Also, when Father's Day rolls around, you can go ahead and buy their Mens Grooming Box if it's a success with your mom. Fingers crossed!


Through SquareHue, you can gift your mother with three nail polishes every month and she'll never get the same color twice, according to the website! The best part? This amazing business will donate part of your subscription money to various organizations helping others. Currently, SquareHue is donating the money for "prevention awareness, the protection of trafficked victims and the prosecution of human traffickers."

e.l.f. Beauty Bundle

I've always loved e.l.f. because of their quality but inexpensive prices. So of course, having a box of a similar nature is just the bees knees. You'll receive so many items (lipstick, eyeshadow, beauty tools and the like) every month and they'll of course vary from box to box. Send away!


Created by none other than YouTube beauty guru Michelle Phan, ipsy is all you need for the latest and trendiest makeup items. At only $10 a month (oh my god), ipsy includes four to five beauty products in an adorable collectible bag. What a steal.

The Soap Box

The Fortune Cookie Soap Box not only sounds exquisite but it is. Each month you'll receive eight sample-size products exclusively from the company, but you'll also receive a $10 gift code to be redeemed online or at the store. And yes, you will receive a bar of soap in the shape of a fortune cookie. Hells to the yeah!

The Travel Junkie

Escape Monthly

We know how difficult it is to take time off from work or from looking after the kids while at home. So it only makes sense that every mother receive this box which includes various products with a specific theme and country in mind. As an example, one of their past escapes to India included items like amber perfume oil, traditional bindi jewelry and pure organic, grass-fed ghee. Similiarly, every box contains a travel guide for the country. So when your mom does have the chance to go on that dream vacation, she'll have help to do so.

Hammock Pack

Want to relax without actually leaving your home? Well good thing for you (and your mother since this is her gift), there's a subscription box just for that. Stocked with food, housewares, bath products and so on, each month features a different city from the U.S.

Kitchen Table Passport

This amazing present from Kitchen Table Passport will wow your mom on Mother's Day. Included are discovery cards, a playlist of music from the country being featured, authentic food, mementos, and herbs and spices. And get this: a six-month subscription is only $119.95. I already know she'll be obsessed when she opens her first box.

Hazel Lane

Thanks to Samantha Strom, Hazel Lane's founder, your mother can now experience various cities and regions of America all in one box. If you purchase this for your mom, she can expect to receive food, home goods, apparel, jewerly, and even a city of the city in her box. However, this varies depending on whether you buy the "Carry on" or "G5" package.

A Box From

As an avid traveler myself, I could not think of a better box for someone who likes to sejourn in various countries from time to time. And if your mom's one who likes to see the world but doesn't have the chance to as much as she likes, this box should hold her over. With the help from locals, the box will contain numerous items from the country they're from.

The Grown-Up Nerd

Nerd Block

Is your mom an adult with the heart and spirit of a child? Well if so, she'll probably geek out over Nerd Block, which allows you to choose a theme every month. From there, Nerd block's "nerd curators" will pack it full of toys, collectables and basically anything you can imagine would make a kid giddy. Except it'll be your mom who's jumping for joy when she opens her present with these cool goodies.


Though "nerdy" might be a stretch with this one, I'm still fangirling over how awesome Quarterly is. The concept is that you choose your favorite (or in this case your mother's) cultural icon, and they create a unique box full of things they feel you'll love. Of course they're not actually picking those items for you specifically, but that doesn't matter. The boxes end up being somewhat pricey, but with Ariana Huffington, Nina Garcia, Bill Nye and Andrew Zimmern being amongst the list of icons who will handpick your items, the cost makes sense.

Betoyo Bento

Japanese collectibles and even food? Um, yes please! Betoyo Bento is out of the ordinary, but that's what will make it a fantastic Mother's Day gift. If your mom is the type of person who will dress up and attend Comic Con with you, then I have no doubt she'll be delighted by this.

Loot Crate

Gamers everywhere rejoice! Defined as a monthly box of geek and gamer gear, Loot Crate comes in at a cool $13.95 per month and is packed with items that are bound to make your inner nerd come alive. That is, if it hasn't already. Mother's Day? Check.

Comic Bento

Exactly like it sounds, Comic Bento is priced at $17.50 a month and comes with $60 worth of comic books. Yeah, it's unbelievable but true.

The Artist


Sorry, there's no food here but if your mother is a starving artist, she'll freak out over the odds and ends in this box. Hah, see what I did there? Though this box is smaller than other subscription boxes out there, it's filled with high-quality art supplies. Previous boxes have included things like the Copic wide marker, Pro Art India ink, and Genie Canvas Mini. Oh yeah, and sometimes candy is thrown in the mix too.

Pigment + Palette

Containing four to five trial-size art supplies, Pigment + Palette boxes have featured items like calligraphy brushes, acrylic paints, brush cleaner and mini sketch pads. Created by sisters Sarah, Katie and Rebecca, Pigment + Palette starts at $18 per month, though you can just yearly subscription for $200.

Smile Create Repeat

This amazing box comes with everything your artistic mother will ever need. Packed with art supplies (as you probably expected), Smile Create Repeat is also accompanied by a "Creative Card" which contains an art lesson using the supplies you received. Typically, each box will contain five or more items.

My Cake Decorating

Hey, who says that cake decorating isn't art? Because Peeta Mellark would totally agree with me that it is. So clearly, this awesome decorating kit will be perfect for both the artist meets baker in your household. Although you'll need the food ingredients and the actual cake, this box includes three guides and cake decorating tools. Soon enough your mother will be the next Cake Boss, and she'll have you to thank for it.

Stitch Set

Have a knitter in the family? Of course you do! Don't all moms take up knitting? Just kidding... kind of. But for those of you who do have moms who are all about this hobbie, Stitch Set comes with yarn, needles, the pattern, accessories, scissors, a project sack and full color instructions. She'll get all of that for just $40! Just be warned: your mom will become Molly Weasley.

The Tea & Coffee Addicts

Just Add Honey Box

If she's not already in love with the name of this company, your mom will fall in love with the swag in this box. Just Add Honey offers three choices: a tea box, a honey box or both! Tea boxes hold three exclusive teas and a treat, honey boxes include a small batched honey and a treat, and the combination box contains all of the above.

Tea Sparrow

From Strawberry Champagne to Passion Berry Jolt, the teas that are handpicked over at Tea Sparrow look absolutely magnificent. I mean I know it's Mother's Day soon, but if anyone wants to get this for my birthday, that would be cool too. Yet since it's not, make sure to subscribe to this box so that your mother can receive four different tea selections from around the world. The tea box averages 35 cups of tea, so she'll be set a good couple of weeks!

The Cozy Mug

Sometimes all a woman needs is some tea and biscuits. Thanks to those over at The Cozy Mug, your mom will have the chance to get just that. The coolest part about this monthly subscription box is that it includes tea (obviously), yummy baked goods and even makeup!


For every tea lover there's a coffee lover, so it only seemed appropriate to give you the option of a coffee subscription box for your Mother's Day gift. Over at MistoBox, recipients get a box full of hand-selected coffee. The gift recipient can also customize their subscription for a more personalized box in the future.

Craft Coffee

Over at Craft Coffee, they just want to satisfy your caffeine needs. All you have to do is tell them about your mom (or she can do that herself on the website), and they'll send delicious coffee from three different roasters straight to her home.

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This article was written by Emma Goddard. Follow her on Twitter @egoddardhokie.

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