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Baby Goats In Pajamas Will Make Your Week That Much Better

Emma Goddard
by Emma Goddard Published on June 4, 2015

Let's be real: Goats are kind of weird. They're pretty smelly, they have crazy-looking eyes, and they love to interrupt a good Taylor Swift song. OK, so I don't really mind the latter, but when it comes to animals, they're low down on my list. Like... before elephant seals but definitely after aye-ayes. So never did I think that one day a goat would steal my heart and have me head over heels. However, today is that day thanks to one of the cutest videos I've ever seen: baby goats in pajamas.

If you're reading this and about to watch the video, you should definitely take a seat because it just might take your breath away. Winifred and Monty, three-week-old goat brother and sister, were filmed together in Cumberland, Maine on Sunflower Farm having what appeared to be the time of their life. Hopping up and down and playing on a haystack, it is a sight to see. Could this be better than two llamas being chased down on a highway? Perhaps not, but it's still freakin' adorable.

We've already seen a sloth in pajamas and now we have baby goats. So what next? Quokkas in pajamas? Lemurs? A slow loris? Oh, the possibilities!


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by Emma Goddard
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