The story of Geza Schoen’s Escentric Molecules
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The star scents at Escentric Molecules


 - The star scents at Escentric Molecules

Geza then shared his idea for molecular scents with Jeff and, together with designer Paul White from Me Company and’s legendary Tim Blanks, the team was complete. The UK launch in Harvey Nichols in April 2005 created a stir among fashion’s inner circle. For years later and despite spending no money at all on advertising, business is booming and the range has evolved to include Molecule 02 (an aroma molecule based on ambroxan, the substance naturally produced by sperm
whales) and  Escentric 01 and 02. This series is where Geza’s heart lies. “To me it’s the most genius, as a perfumer it is like my handwriting: it’s so personal to me that it is irritating to smell on other people. So I’ve made myself another!.”

Escentric 01 has 65% Iso E combined with other ingredients including pink pepper and lime. The olfactory affect is undeniable and it doesn’t follow the tradition of having a top note, heart and base, as the publicity material states: “It is as though the fragrance has no heart, but an enormous amount of soul.”

For Geza Escentric 01 and 02 are the stars of his scent stable. He explains that Escentric 01 is “ a combination of extremely nice musky notes and iso super and balsamic feel and hedione.”  While he has created perfumes for British designer label Boudicca, two signature scents for Thorsten Biehl, he also works for the IFF (International Flavor and Fragrance) as a consultant in Germany but remains very focused and protective of the brand image of Escentric Molecules.
“It’s very much about discovering it, we have a niche product and we wouldn’t sell it in chains – it will never go in to branches of Boots!” Instead the series sells in independent boutiques such as Start in London and Collette in Paris. Escentric Molecules won’t be diffused into candles, soaps and bath gels, although it may be lucrative to go down that road, Geza and his team don’t want to devalue or detract from the core offering: the fragrances themselves.


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