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Ask for help

If it's all getting too much, there's nothing wrong with asking friends or grandparents to take the little monkeys off your hands for a while. But, warns Jessica, don't forget to tell them how much you appreciate their help and show that you don't just see them as a free nanny.

If grandparents are helping you out with childcare, invite them to spend time with their grandchildren during events that don't include childcare - like a family dinner.

Working moms also need to talk openly with their partner about what they need. Using the right words can make all the difference - and never ask for a favor. "You should see your family as a team," says Jessica. "That's why you shouldn't say you need a favor. If you've both been working all day and you ask your partner to put the kids to bed while you make dinner, that's not a favor, because the kids belong to both of you."

Appreciate they've had a long day, of course, and show that you know that - give them some time to change when they get home. Then tell them what they can do to help, while you go off to make that important work call.

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