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Princess Boot Camp: What We Think Cressida Bonas Is Learning

Emmy Griffiths
by Emmy Griffiths Published on April 11, 2014

Grazia has recently reported that Prince Harry’s long-suffering girlfriend (just kidding, as if you could ever in unhappy in a relationship with Prince Charming) Cressida Bonas, has agreed to undergo 'Princess training' so that the pair can be a little more public with their relationship – here’s what we think she’s learning...

How to stop being a hippy

Look at Cressida Bonas. Then back to Kate. Then back to Cressida. Then back to Kate. Sadly, Cressida isn’t Kate, but with a few princess lessons she could learn to dress just like Kate!

How to blow-dry her hair

Cressida has gorgeous hair, but where is the infamous oompf we’re so used to seeing from a future royal? Don’t worry, Princess lessons will sort her out. Either that or she could just read our tutorial!

How to shop for hats

Princess Beatrice utterly failed, and she’s already a princess. Best of luck Cress!

The Royal Wave 101

Waving, as anyone who has ever watched The Princess Diaries (countless times) will already know, is a complicated business. You can’t be too enthusiastic, or too modern. Gently waving, we simply want to say to the people: “thank you for being here today!”

How to behave appropriately at parties

Cressie might like to party now and then, and there’s nothing wrong with that! However, there are rules once you’re a Royal, and they do not involve dancing crazy.

How to place her tiara

Probably the most important part of Princessing. This alone would surely take a couple of weeks to perfect!

How to handle large public events

On your wedding day you might need to greet countless screaming subjects from a balcony, and you need to deal with that okay?!

How to make the Queen laugh

This one…might be tricky.

How to curtsey

Wouldn’t want you curtseying and tripping up in front of all of those diplomats, would we Cressie? Just…something to think about…

How to behave at banquets

There are always so many forks at these things. Cressie doesn't want to get caught using the wrong one.

How to keep your emotions to yourself

True feelings? Real opinions? Hahaha, no. You’re not Jennifer Lawrence. Keep it polite, courteous and neutral.

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