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Peter Dinklage's Musical Homage to 'Game of Thrones' Is Perfect

Emmy Griffiths
by Emmy Griffiths Published on May 20, 2015

Peter Dinklage took to the stage to pay homage to all the dead characters of "Game of Thrones" (whilst celebrating that he is still alive of course), and we absolutely LOVED every moment. Can the "GoT" cast pull a "Glee" and take this on a nationwide tour? SHUT UP AND TAKE OUR MONEY.

Teaming up with Coldplay for Red Nose Day, Dinklage was so freaking cool with his backup singers and his smug tune about how he is still on top in the show. We're so glad he's got some new material, especially when THIS is the first thing you found if you searched for a Dinklage song yesterday:



Dinklage brought up all the old loved (and not so loved) characters who met their untimely end on the show, singing: "Remember Ned Stark he was a lot of fun, but he didn't make it past season one. Robert Baratheon was part of that crew but he never made it to Season 2."

He then went too far. TOO FAR:

"The King of the North was cool you said, another favorite that ended up dead."

Wow Dinklage. It's too soon to sing jovially about the Red Wedding. It will always be too soon.

Check out the video below and confirm what we all know to be true: Dinklage is one smooth mofo.


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