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Cheryl Cole's husband embarrassment

by the editorial team Published on August 26, 2008

Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole hates it when her soccer star husband Ashley Cole sings.

Cheryl Cole hates it when her husband starts singing.
The Girls Aloud star says soccer star spouse Ashley Cole can't hold a note and she can't bear listening to him when he attempts to sing along to his favorite tunes.
She said: "He is tone-deaf - absolutely tone-deaf. To the point where he will sing along to a song and I'll say, 'Please baby, you have got to stop!' "
Cheryl, 25, also revealed Ashley, 27, finds her most attractive when she is just hanging round the house with no make-up on and wearing tracksuits.
She added: "Women always think men like you best when you are dressed up - but because as a band Girls Aloud are always so dressed up, he prefers me in my tracksuit with my hair up and no make-up.
"When I have my hair scraped off my head, he always says, 'Oh, you look cute!' because it's the opposite of how he is used to seeing me."