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Behind the Scenes! Caitlyn Jenner REVEALED And Is Absolutely Stunning!

Cliche Wynter
by Cliche Wynter Published on June 1, 2015

We heard whispers a few weeks ago that Bruce Jenner would pose for Vanity Fair post transition, but quietly dismissed it as gossip. Little did we know! The glossy just introduced us to "her" or better yet Caitlyn Jenner. Not only is the cover absolutely breathtaking, but the behind the scenes video further gives us a glimpse into the mind of Caitlyn. We're already totally in love with her!

Here we were just gushing over Kim Kardashian's baby news, when we received word that Bruce Jenner is now going by the name Caitlyn - with the Vanity Fair cover to show for it. Just take a look at this beauty!

While we got an abundance of life from her perfectly coiffed hair, smize, and enviable body, it was the behind the scenes video that really captured our hearts.

"Bruce always had to tell a lie. He was always living that lie. Every day he always had a secret, from morning until night" she said. "Caitlyn doesn't have any secrets."

Watch the full clip below.


Caitlyn also joined Twitter today, sending out this tweet:

Freaking amazing!

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