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18 Times Anna Kendrick Proved She Was One Of Us

Emmy Griffiths
by Emmy Griffiths Published on May 14, 2015

Anna Kendrick might be a Hollywood superstar with her newest movie Pitch Perfect 2 out in cinemas on 15th May, but she is still just as socially awkward, lazy and generally weird as the rest of us. Here's why...

When she shared her shower thoughts


When she shared her Game of Thrones sigil

When she came up with appropriate responses to unpleasant situations HOURS after they happened

When she awkwardly avoided speaking to anyone

When she was totally antisocial

When she wanted her own dessert because obviously

When she realized how tragic it was to cook for one

When she bopped along to a song of the Noughties

When she admitted she knows NOTHING

When her weekends are the same as ours

When she only daydreamed about food

When she wasn't a fan of kids

When she shared her Patronus shape

When she went to the effort to shower and it didn't work out so she literally just gave up

When she went from dressed up to the nines to a onesie all in one evening

When she realized if she keeps talking, she'll eventually make sense

When she realized her biological clock was ready for BABIES

When she made an excellent point about Daario and feminism

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