Saving tips for 2012
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Are there any everyday things we can do to save money?


Are there any everyday things we can do to save money?

Our experts have some excellent ideas on how you can help yourself to save...

> Set up a direct debit

"Setting up a direct debit immediately after pay day from your current account into your savings account will mean that you have saved before you have had the chance to spend," advises John Lawson, "you don't miss what you never had."

> Write down everything you spend

"Do you actually know what you are spending on what?" Asks Jane Heyman, McCarthy Taylor. "It can come as a shock when you sit down and look at it properly, sit down and review you expenditure."

> Keep your change

Frederic Nze, Oakam, advises collecting coins such as 20ps or 50ps. "It's a good way of storing your loose change without having to consciously save a large amount of money at a time."

> Piggy bank it

Lawson says that Piggy Banks are also a great way to save loose change which can often add up to tens of pounds or more. But he also warns "The trouble with Piggy Banks is that we are often tempted to raid them for coins - usually the higher value ones - to pay for parking meters, bus fares, kids school lunches and the like."

> Pay with cash

"Using cash is a good way to control your spending but this requires self-discipline." says Lawson. And unfortunately disapline is one Heyman's list of biggest barriers to saving. Still she also agrees that "using cash can be a great way of sticking to a shopping budget, as you can only spend what you have."

Still Lawson warns that if you're trying this you have to be strict with yourself: "If you have allocated yourself £200 for a week, you need to make it last that long rather than hit the auto-teller as soon as you run out." says Lawson.


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