Applying it properly

Applying it properly
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Apply your mascara from the base of your lashes and stretch upwards to the tips. For your top lashes, incline your head backwards and look down; for your lower lashes, tilt your head forwards and look up. Go easy on your lower lashes so that you don't weigh your eyes down.

Patrick Lorentz, Estée Lauder: "I never apply mascara to thin, sparse lower lashes because it makes them really obvious, and can also highlight bags or dark circles undeneath the eyes. Don't attract attention to your weak points!"

Should you wait until the first coat is dry before applying another one?
Patrick: No, otherwise your lashes will stick to your brush. Do one eye at a time and don't go back afterwards!    

Is it a good idea to coat your top lashes from above and from underneath for a more glam effect?
Patrick: Some make-up artists do it, but you have to be careful because it can make your lashes drop. It's risky!   

If you mess up, what should you use to remove spots of mascara? 
Patrick: It's best to let it dry and then scrub it off gently with a brush so it turns to powder. If you still have marks, apply a bit of neutral eyeshadow over them.


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