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Make-up Techniques


Korean Beauty Secrets: Asian Beauty Tips Every Girl Needs To Know!

Maybe she's born with it, or maybe it's her beauty routine? We all idolize the flawless, radiant skin Korean women possess - their poreless, smooth complexions are nothing short...


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From Kim Kardashian to Natural Highlighting: 10 Contouring Tutorials For Every Face and Skintone

Kim K reigns as Hollywood's Contouring Queen and the rest of us make-up fanatics are her devoted minions. Even without a glam squad, with a little patience and a steady hand, you...


Sweat-proof your make-up bag

Don't let the heatwave get you down: sweat-proof your make-up bag with these must-have products...


10 makeup mistakes that could be aging you

Want to keep on top of the skin you're in? Check out the 10 makeup mistakes that could be aging you


Make-up brushes: choosing and using different makeup brushes

Using make-up brushes should make applying make-up easier.


French manicure

If you like perfectly natural nails, a French manicure is an essential part of your beauty routine! You can't go wrong with subtle, classy manicured nails, so what are you waiting for...


Choosing nail varnish

Clear, red, pink or glitter varnish: which to use? No panic - here are our hints and tips on choosing varnishes that suit you and make your nails look sublime.


How to apply evening make-up

For a radiant, glamorous effect, evening make-up should be deep and sophisticated. Subdued lighting allows you to play with colors and materials to create a chic, sublime look...


Make-up for fair skin

For porcelain or milk-and-roses complexions, use transparent, barely-there, make-up to enhance your skin’s radiance.


Make-up for dark skin

Harmonious, natural-looking make-up is best for dark or matte complexions: it brings out the radiance and light of dark complexions and highlights the beauty and shine of golden skin...