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Honeymoon make up


You may not know this but - if he loves you - your boyfriend, fiance, husband or bit on the side prefers you au naturel.

You probably prefer yourself with a face full of slap so a happy medium needs to be reached on a romantic get-a-way.

No-one wants to be on a love trip with a girl who spends hours locked in the bathroom.

Sexy just got out of bed look

To ensure your actual just got out of bed look is actually sexy, you need to go easy on the make up to begin with.

Smoky eyes that oozed sex appeal in the restaurant the night before are now all down your face and all over the pillow. Nice.

Instead go for shimmery grays on your lids and apply lashings of waterproof mascara.

That way if your forget to take it off, he's not going to wake up to Alice Cooper.

And as for stubble rash - a slick of baby cream will calm the worst of the redness - just make sure you rub it in properly.

Bed hair

Inevitable on a saucy weekend or honeymoon style break, at some point you will look like you've been dragged through a hedge backwards after certain bed-based activities.

It's worth bringing a good shampoo and conditioner to sort your bonce out each morning. Buy one that's scented. For some reason boys like sniffing our hair. Weirdos.

Failing that sea swept hair is always a sexy look, dive in, splash about, don't worry. Maintaining good hair should really be the last thing on your mind!

Clean everywhere

As gross as it might sound, feminine hygiene products are going to be pretty important on any sort of prolonged love trip. Some FemFresh cleansing wipes is all you need to make sure things are as they should be whenever "Mr. Mouth" pays a visit.

Take regular showers or baths too though... obviously.

Pack some emergency medicines alongside your condom supply too - you never know when you might need them and unless you know the Dhivehi for "cystitis" your best off going prepared - worry is never a good look.

The Essential Backpacking Trip Beauty List


SPF Foundation
Waterproof Mascara
Power bronzer
Powder compact
Gray shimmer cream eyeshadow
Candy flavored gloss

Hair care:

Large paddle brush
Hair bands
Good shampoo and conditioner (Herbel Essences)

Skin care:

Sun screen (Factor 30 minimum, anti-mosquito)
After sun (anti-mosquito)
Small night cream in a tube
Baby cream


Fem Fresh Feminine hygiene wipes
Gentle face wash
Travel size showergel
Baby wipes wet wipes
Mini hand sanitizer
Water purifying tablets
Cystitis tablets
Canesten Duo
Emergency contraception
Anti-mosquito spray
Insect bite cream
Diarrhea tablets
Constipation tablets


Emery board


Small nail clippers
Blister plasters (Compeed)

Hair removal
Razors (you can share his shave gel)


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