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Avoid melasma and get great skin - anti ageing skin care advice.


 - Avoid melasma and get great skin - anti ageing skin care advice.
Get great skin - anti aging skin care advice
While I ponder my options - or rather what I see as my punishment for poor anti aging skin care while I was younger - Marie Narsoomamode gives me her invaluable expert advice on how this all could have been avoided.

Follow these easy anti aging skin care tips at home. Start today and you'll have younger looking skin for so much longer.

Anti aging skin care tip no. 1: Be sun shy

'The sun does the most damage' says Narsoomamode. She recommends that we all use a minimum of factor 30 sun block every day. Yep, every single day.

After you apply your regular moisturizer, slap on some factor 30 before heading out the door.

Wearing a hat whenever you're outdoors is also a good idea. The sun, even on a cloudy day, is more damaging than you think.

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Anti aging skin care tip no. 2: Exfoliate... gently

'We used to see a lot of women who'd actually damaged their skin by over using apricot scrubs that were popular in the eighties' she tells me.

'Clinique do a really good hypo-allergenic seven day scrub. I'd recommend that.'

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Anti aging skin care tip no. 3: Take supplements

Although opinion varies on the usefulness of supplements, Narsoomamode is a fan. However, she cautions that investing in good quality supplements is a must.

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Anti aging skin care tip no. 4: Peel at home


With a rigorous at home beauty regime you can avoid the 'two clinical peels a year' recommended by leading dermatologists.

Using at home glycolic peel can really boost the effectiveness of your anti aging skin care system.

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Anti aging skin care tip no. 5: Get you vitamin C - use a serum

Vitamin C is amazing for your skin and as well as getting your daily dose through food and supplements, Narsoomamode suggests using a vitamin C serum every night to boost your skin tone.

She also suggests maximizing the results of any vitamin C treatment by using a vitamin B5 hydrating gel such as SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel.

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