Green Revolution in Iran: Meet Generation Neda
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Neda was my age when she died
Neda was my age when she died
Somajeh, 21
I know I’m young, many say I’m too young, but injustice and oppression are always wrong, no matter when they take place or who they affect. When you can do something about it, don't hesitate - do it!

I cried more than ever before when the election results came through last year. I’ve cried about all kinds of injustices, I’m very sensitive, but this time, I couldn’t stop. Surely we deserved fair and transparent elections.

I started being active in Iran when I was 14-years-old. My older brother had been involved in the students' opposition movement for longer and was one of the key people in our city. He was severely injured at one of the protests he had organized and he’s had Alzheimer's ever since.

I knew right away that I had to take his spot. His work had to be continued, no matter what the others said about my age.

I always came into conflict with the police and the paramilitary, not only because of my activities - we were very cautious not to be caught - but just in daily life. For example, I interfered when one of the paramilitaries harassed a young girl on the street. I had to spend the night in a prison cell - aged 15!

I finally left Iran and started working for an NGO, not for Iran but for children in Sub-Saharan Africa. I want to do something about injustice, no matter where it is.

When the elections came I joined the protests and when Neda died, I said to myself: 'Neda was about my age when she died for the Green Revolution. I better do something to make her death worthwhile.'"


Shila Meyer Behjat
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