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What EU countries are doing


In many countries, open salary comparison is allowed by law
In many countries, open salary comparison is allowed by law
Taking a look at how neighboring countries are tackling the problem can often inspire innovative solutions. In many countries, pay comparison between the genders is already law.

In Germany, technology is being relied on and the goodwill of the companies is being appealed to: Logib-D, a software developed in Switzerland and adapted for Germany allows a salary analysis to be performed. For each employee, gender, education, age and professional experience are entered and compared to those of the others. In this way, unequal pay could be revealed quickly and thereby rectified.
BUT: Use of the software is purely voluntary and also anonymous.

In Switzerland, Logib has already been in use for some years now – initially with moderate success. Now, however, the awarding of public contracts is linked to the condition that the company takes measures to eradicate pay disparity.

Other countries chose to pass legislation to minimize the pay gap:

In Sweden, this is already reality. There, employers are obligated to take active steps to improve equality and representation of women in the company.

In Canada, companies with 10 or more employees must check whether there is any pay disparity.

In France, too, a law has been passed to this effect. By the end of 2010, companies must provide proof that they have taken measures to discourage pay disparity.

At the EU level, Commissioner Viviane Reding has said that she intends to present her recommendations by early fall. Then it might become an obligation throughout the EU for companies to disclose salaries. Companies not committed to pay equality are likely to be punished more strongly and, more importantly, to be punished in the first place.


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