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Reconnected with water and nature


©CBarilà - Reconnected with water and nature
Back from a recent trip to India, Claudia talks about how she reconnected with water and nature

"I had wanted to go there for a long time and with One Drop, I had the chance to go see our social project that was launched in partnership with RBC. It involves a theater company going from village to village and from tribe to tribe, putting on free shows. Local artists are put up in the Orissa region and they are commissioned to spread the message about water in all these small rural villages.

The aim is to demonstrate the importance of water through theater, and also by respecting their values based on their religion and culture. They're aware of the importance of water but they don't know how to manage it. They need to understand the 'notion of sanitation'. In their culture, it's badly looked upon to answer a call of nature inside the home. They therefore don't have any toilets inside their homes and do what they need to do anywhere outdoors.

Our partner Grand Dikas has taught masonry to the villagers so they can construct, by themselves, little cement maisonnettes with a place reserved for answering nature's call outside. They just needed things explaining to them. This change allowed them to make a big step forward and in very little time.

On the ground, we also have a team that shows them all of that, how to maintain their wells and their hygiene; people are open to that because they see that the results are effective and, above all, practical. And also, because it doesn't cost them anything. It's extraordinary to see the development and the way in which they see their lives improve!"


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