Online jobs: working for a social networking site

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 - Online jobs: working for a social networking site
Everyday we merrily tweet, post and blog away. Facebook is very firmly on our favorites bar and we've even got the app set up on our smartphones.

But what if you were actually legitimately allowed to spend your days on MySpace, Bebo or Facebook?

“Social media”, our social meeting places on the Internet, have grown to such an extent that they now offer real career choices for people just like you...

"Work based on the possibilities offered by the Internet will provide the jobs of the future,” career expert Valerie Kollart states with conviction. “Companies and the media want and have to use the possibilities of the social networks increasingly for their own purposes. And for that they need people to do the necessary work."

The requirements for the job seeker? Instead of a pen and notepad, they need to have a video camera or smartphone at the ready these days and possess one or more profiles on Twitter and Facebook - and that's the minimum!

The Internet is creating new jobs
As use of social networks on the Internet increases – and Facebook alone has over 400 million active users worldwide, with over half logging on at least once a day – so do the possibilities of using these platforms as information channels.

Such sites have long since stopped being a pure leisure phenomenon. They are being used for networking, communicating, exchanging information and discussing ideas. Individuals with other individuals, but also individuals with organizations, with sections of the media or with companies – and this is happening around the globe.

Also, social networks have gained enormous influence. People joining together in a network create an atmosphere of trust, even if you are contact number 562. Information is being conveyed, discussed and exchanged. You can have a very real influence on your peers - tips and recommendations are welcome here too: an article you read, a hotel you recently booked, a new face cream you bought.

Internet jobs: the search is on for creative minds with access to Twitter
Companies are now also recognizing this power, partly because classic advertising is no longer bringing the results they are hoping for. Over 1,500 advertising messages vie for the average consumer’s attention every day. Mostly, they are just ignored.

For this reason, more and more companies are creating “social media jobs” in order to make use of the possibilities of the social networks for their own purposes and with the help of creative minds. No doubt the number of such positions will rise further in the next few years.

The digital networks follow their own rules - they have their own language and their own way of communicating. You have to get creative to say something meaningful in just 140 characters! Knowing how each individual social media network functions is an essential part of any role within this new job market - a skill often not posessed in the upper levels of big business.

As internet jobs also represent a new type of occupation - they require a higher degree of creativity, a willingness to learn, as well as enthusiasm for and adjustment to the interactive possibilities of the Internet.

“Blogger for the Company Blog” or “Editor for the Social Media Company Profile” represent the straightforward job descriptions. In the case of “Seeding Specialist”, “Channel Planner” or “Word-of-Mouth Manager” things are a little more complicated.

“Social Media” Internet jobs: “Roving about in social networks”
The tasks that social media jobs involve require issues, advertising messages and product information to be incorporated into the system of the social networks so that they are not recognized as what they are but instead perceived as impulses for things to be discussed, tweeted or chatted about. They usually also involve mixing private life and business in the person’s “roving about” in social networks on the Internet.

“Of course you need to like that sort of thing,” says Kollart. “But in the end, it is comparable to working in classic advertising or marketing. And everybody must decide for themselves to what extent they want to keep private and business matters separate.”

Which Social Media Jobs suit whom? And how do you land such a job?



Shila Meyer Behjat
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