Test: How do your colleagues see you?

The free spirit


 - The free spirit
Your image
you're very independent, sure of your abilities (a bit too much, perhaps?), and your career evolves freely, without much sense of company hierarchy. You're the perfect example of the new generation worker: you're so well organized you can manage your work as you wish. You know exactly what you want and what you don't want. You say what you think and you do what you say, even if it means going against your boss.

Your ideals
Here and now. Not only do you realize that people don't spend their whole lives in the same company; you've understood perfectly that your relationship with the company should be extremely balanced. All that you give to a company, you expect back in return, two-fold even. Otherwise, you'll look elsewhere.

Your limits
You're very individual and you struggle to involve or link your team in your success. As for your relationship with those higher up in the company, you can sometimes be a bit of a pain! You don't cope with the slightest bit of criticism well. This will be a problem the day you're feeling uptight. Criticism usually rolls off you like water off a duck's back, but one day it will affect you seriously. 

Our advice
Excessive individualism can be a bit cynical. Take some time to establish relationships at the office. Take an interest in what the people around you have been up to at the weekend, take a daily break in the staff room to chat, and don't automatically turn down invitations to after-work events. You'll soon see that working with people who you appreciate and investing in a team can be rewarding too! And it will do you good to have people to turn to when you need support and help yourself.



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