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How to prepare for a job interview


> Prepare your piece

Go over the experience, achievements and skills that you've acquired throughout your career. "Have facts, figures and evidence to back up your success at your fingertips, so that you can prove what you've achieved," says Daniel.

Prepare how to answer difficult questions or approach sensitive topics such as why you handed your notice in, why you were out of work for a long period of time, why you changed jobs, etc.

> Get your facts right

Read up about the job, the company and the person who will be interviewing you as much as you can. "This will help you to prepare relevant questions to ask the interviewer." 

By all means use the internet, but remember there are other means at your disposal (read industry magazines, get a friend to ring up and request company magazines or annual reports, ask clients and acquantainces for info).

> Practice makes perfect

Get your friends, family or other half to interview you for 3-5 minutes. "A bit of practice will help you avoid 80% of those schoolboy errors, identify traps that a recruiter may use, and anticipate the questions better."

At the end of each interview, talk your answers through and ask for feedback on how you came across. Better still, record the interviews on dictaphone or video and play them back so that you can pinpoint your mistakes.

> Confirm the details

Two days before the big day, send an email or call the interviewer's secretary to confirm the date, time and meeting place. Show the recruiter you're thorough and serious! 


Sarah Horrocks
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