Inspirational Woman: Dancer Sarita Piotrowski

A career in dance


Sarita in action
Sarita in action

Has dancing professionally been a difficult path to follow?

It's not an easy field, you can experience many highs and many lows but you have to be strong and faith is very important!

Can you describe an average day?
Gosh, there is no average day as a freestyle dance artist. If you are working you are rehearsing, performing, or traveling on a train, tour bus or plane somewhere. When you are not on a job you are looking for the next job, dance training, developing your own work and ideas, invoicing, writing proposals, updating your C.V or working on your tax return... My tax return is normally left until the week before it is due though - haha! 
What is the biggest challenge of working in the dance industry?
A lot of people would say finding continual work, but I think it's finding satisfying work and working with good people. 
What is the most satisfying thing about your job?
Performing with all your heart and soul, and feeling a major adrenalin rush because you hit that place of total ecstasy. This feeling doesn't happen all the time but when it does you can see it and maybe almost feel it, I couldn't hide it if I tried!!! When you get paid to do that, what could be more satisfying?

We have to ask - do you have a dance move that guys can’t resist?
It is all about the torso and the hips for me.... a 'little' facial expression can go a long way too!
What style of dance do you most prefer to do?
That's a hard one. I love the personal creative influence in Contemporary and in my previous dedicated years it was all about the dance and the dancers. In the commercial world for the majority of the time you are supporting an act and there isn't much space for you to add your own creative elements to the work. When creating my own work I like to fuse the two.



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