Careers advice: Expert careers advice
Careers advice: From the careers advice experts

Careers advice: From the careers advice experts

Katharine Sise suggests the following steps to take so you can make sure promotion is within your reach.

Know what makes you different
"What skill, talent, or expertise do you possess that can make you the go-to creative girl for certain projects? Think of your office like a mini-market and find ways to stand out among your peers."

Make good on your promises
"Do what you say you will. Start by living up to what you promised in your interview.
Meet your deadlines. Get to the office on time (or early). Don’t act as though your work is beneath you, instead, become a team player."

Nip the negativity
"It’s easy to complain about a boss, an unrealistic deadline, or whatever aspect of work you’re not crazy about. But negativity breeds negativity, so don’t get caught in the spiral. Instead, be proactive. Look for ways to solve the problem."

Time Management
"Great time management comes with learning to prioritize. Instead of jumping at the ones you’re inspired to do (while shoving aside the anxiety-producing tasks for later), make a list of the three most important tasks you’d like to complete that day, or that workweek (depending on the size of your tasks). Give each one your full attention while you’re working on it."

Get great at all kinds of new things
"Jump at the chance to take on work that stretches you, cultivates new skills, and makes you more valuable. Learning a new specialty or taking on a project outside of your comfort zone beefs up your resume."

Ask for a review
"If reviews are more sporadic (or nonexistent) it’s up to you to make sure you get the feedback you need to perform well. A review is the most straightforward way to find out how you’re doing: how your company perceives you and how you can improve."

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