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How to become a professional radio DJ/presenter

How to become a professional radio DJ/presenter

Becoming a radio DJ - never give up

Charlie's advice for making it as a radio presenter is not to give up. She says: “The minute you give up someone else is going to get in there and get your dream job."

Giving up is something Charlie has never been prepared to do. She says: "You have to be persistent because people are busy.
"I used to have this routine where I would send an email, leave it a week, then send another email. After that they would get phone calls every day for the next year until they would let me in!”
Rather than formal qualifications, it's drive, determination and likability that are the essential prerequisites needed to be a radio presenter.

Charlie Hedges notes, “I literally came making cups of tea - I had no experience in radio - none at all!”

How you can become a KISS radio DJ - attend the open auditions!

If you are dreaming of becoming a presenter then you’ll want to know about The KISS Chosen One.
KISS is launching a search for their next presenter, who will win a contract with KISS to have their very own show.

Charlie, along with co-presenters Rickie & Melvin will be helping to judge the live auditions, which are taking place throughout January and the beginning of February.

Becoming a radio DJ - be yourself

Charlie says the most important thing is to be yourself: “Be natural. You don’t have to be a joker – lots of people think you have to be funny, but you don’t. Just have a good personality and enjoy life - that is what KISS is all about.”
Before we let Charlie get back to her glam-tastic life, we had to ask how she looks so pristine after only a few winks of sleep each night.
She reveals with a grin: “OK, I’ll tell you. I'm a bit skanky – I keep my mascara on from the night before and leave it for 2 days. If you are getting up at 4am, get fake lashes on top and wear waterproof mascara on the bottom.”
Driven yet down to earth, Charlie is proof that being yourself (and a lot of hard work) can get lead you to your dream job.

As if to confirm, she says: “I never come to work miserable because I appreciate where I am and what I’ve got.”
With a swish of blonde hair, a flash from her bejazzled River Island dress and a pivot on her killer heels, we left Charlie living the dream.

For more information about The Kiss Chosen One head to:

The Kiss Chosen One

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