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Resolve work issues


Just because unemployment is going down doesn't mean you should walk out of your job because of a bad patch! Be your own life coach and ask yourself the right questions so that you can make decisions with method and common sense. Heer are the Top 10 things to consider...

1. Am I being over-dramatic because I'm just back off holiday? It might be a a case of the post-hol blues. Wait a bit before you make a decision.

2. If money is the issue, take positive action and ask your boss for a meeting to discuss your salary. Ask nicely but firmly for the rise you feel you deserve. 

3. If you can't stand your office mate or member of your team, ask if there's any chance of switching to the same job in a different department. 

4. If you like the company, the advantages of your seniority and your work-mates, but the job is boring you to tears, find out if there are any other vacancies within the company before looking elsewhere. 

5. You want to stay at Big Boss & Co, but can't find a position that suits you? Get clued up: there could be departments which are lacking in your area of expertise and lacking in staff (internal communications, product development, HR, etc). Arm yourself with the facts and figures and suggest they need to create a new position! 

6. If you really can't stand your job any more and you have to leave, but you'd like to stay in the same sector, start quietly sending out open applications and CVs. Whatever you do, don't send them from work or on your work email though!

7. Sometimes the grapevine is the best way: a bit of unashamed networking can land you the job of your dreams. Let people know you're jobhunting and get your friends to email their contacts in case anyone knows of anything. 

8. Your old schoolmate who created his own graphic design company could be after someone just like you! Sign up to social networks and see what your old school-mates are up to. It could give you ideas, and you could even end up working with or going into business with an old school friend. It happens... 

9. So you never really wanted to be an accountant in the first place? You only get one chance at life and you have to do what you want to do. Don't call time on your career straight away, though: get all the info on distance courses or evening classes you may need to do and see if a new direction would suit you. 

10. Money can't buy happiness, but you still need it to survive. Find out how much Jobseeker's Allowance you'd get it you left without getting a new job first, or find out what arrangement you could come to with your company and what you'd get, if anything, should you leave.


Sarah Horrocks
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