Take on energy

Take on energy
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Tennis combines resistance and endurance work (acceleration, hitting and stopping/starting), and it's very demanding. You need to adapt your diet to your needs if you're training and playing a lot.

>Before your game,
preferably the night before, complex (slow-release) carbohydrates are essential. This type of sugar will release energy gradually into your system and keep your blood sugar at a good level. Mix complex carbs with fruit and veg for plenty of vitamins and minerals which your body will need on court.

>During your game, prepare yourself for energy blips that could affect your performance and make sure you keep your blood sugar levels up. You need to take on plenty of fliuds (energy drinks are a good idea) and snacks such as cereal bars, fresh or dried fruit (prunes, apricots, raisins, apples or bananas). 

>After your game, what you eat is just as important because you need to get your blood sugar levels back up and also restore the fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals you've lost. Make sure you eat plenty of carbs, but make sure to include as wide a range of nutrients as possible (meat, fish, unsaturated fat, fruit and vegetables and dairy produce).


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