Drop a dress size - LBD workout

LBD workout: Bum


For the perfect LBD derriere, you'll have to work at it. These Zumba® bum loving moves which are amazing at toning this area. Hundreds of squats are hidden in any Zumba workout so you probably won’t even know they’re there.

Side salsa

No, this isn't a spicy side dish. It's the key move you need to keep your rear pert and perky. When this step is taken wider it becomes a great squat!

How to do it:
Step your foot to the side then together on a one, two, three salsa rhythm. Replace the side step with a squat and add a bit of sass throughout - you're supposed to be having fun after all.


This is a reggaeton step which tones the bum area nicely.

How to do it:
Destroza means destroy which gives you an idea of its impact on the bum and waist. Stand with the feet wider than hip distance and your knees bent, move the hips from one side to the other making a “U” shape.


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