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LBD workout: Legs


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Step out in your new seasonal stilettos in style.  Get party perfect pins with these great Zumba® moves...

Most of us spend all day walking around and moving our legs forwards and back.  In a Zumba® class there are lots of lateral sideways movements and steps which work at toning and strengthening both outer and inner thighs.

Cumbia Basic (ghetto variation)

This cumbia step is a favorite in classes as it doesn’t take many repetitions for you to really feel it working and toning the thigh area.
How to do it:
Keep all of your wei:ght on your back leg, keep the spine long and pull your navel into your spine.  Move the front leg forward and back.

Cumbia 2 Step

Also known as the limping step or broken stiletto, should disaster strike at the Christmas party at least you’ll have a great step to disguise it that will tone the calves and thighs.
How to do it:
Stand with one foot flat and one on the toe, bend both knees, move the feet stepping on the flat foot then the toe.  Keep the head level and circle the hips at the same time. 


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