Warrior yoga with Trudie Styler
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Warrior yoga positions and movements


What's the difference with the so-called “active yoga”?
With ‘active yoga’ there is much more movement as the positions flow into one another.

There is an emphasis on the correct breathing which oxygenates your body for exercise and keeps your muscles warm. It can be a challenging workout which combines strength training with an aerobic element.

Could you give me the names of some postures or of some movements?
The warrior yoga routine we devised is based on traditional yoga asanas, and anyone who has done any yoga before will recognize the basic positions.

However, we have deliberately not used the Sanskrit names. What is unique to this routine is how the positions flow together to create a workout that challenges different parts of the body, makes you feel powerful and graceful, and is contained within manageable time frames of either 25 minutes for the short workout or 50 minutes for the long workout.

The routines are very enjoyable to do, and James’s guidance throughout makes it feel like you’re having a private one-on-one session with detailed instructions. Take a look:


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