Deficiencies, slimming aids, energy, memory, digestion

Deficiencies, slimming aids, energy, memory, digestion

The 21st century has changed our eating habits: we spend less and less time over meals, eat a less varied diet and, because it's cheaper and easier, we eat more and more processed food rather than using fresh, natural ingredients. As a result, sometimes our diet isn't sufficient to meet our neeeds on its own. And there are other factors that affect our health such as stress, pollution and smoking.

Food supplements are aimed at anyone who needs to supplement their diet regularly to redress a deficiency or fulfill a specific need. If you need a boost to help you relax, up your energy levels, help you lose weight, aid digestion, memory or intellect, or improve the beauty of your skin and hair, supplements can help.

Supplements are also aimed at specific age groups (children and the elderly, for example) or people with particular needs because of a destabled matabolism (smokers, for example).


Sarah Horrocks
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