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Don't leave swim training to the last minute! This should be the thing you start with as it's likely to be the thing you're weakest at to start with.

The major problem with the swim section of a triathlon is the panic and anxiety is creates. The conditions are also hard to simulate as a triathlon swim is usually done in open water in a crowd.

To prepare for the triathlon swim the very best thing you can do is learn to relax in the water.

1) Relax in the water
Spend some time underwater to get used to it. Try sitting on the bottom of the pool, swimming underwater and teaching yourself to not fear it. Chances are you'll be splashed, plunged and jostled during your triathlon swim and if you're not comfortable being in the water the panic will quickly fatigue you.

2) Breath
The technique is to breath out (blow bubbles) when your face is in the water and then take a big breath in by turning your entire body to the side allowing you to suck air in through your mouth before going back to the "face in the water" position. Do not hold your breath underwater!

3) Body position
Your head needs to be pretty much underwater when swimming. Stretch out into the water and angle your body so that your hips are up and your head is in line with your back and slips under the water as you swim. Most people have their heads too high.

4) Arm action
Your fingers should always be pointing down as your stroke. Your thumb will brush your thigh as you stroke.

5) Practice makes perfect

If you can practice swimming in open water all the better but a pool is also great prep. Just keep practicing and slowly build your stamina.

Training with Virgin Active:

Obviously being in the water as much as possible is the best way to train but there are things you can do in the gym to prepare too.

Virgin Active recommend the Standing Ski Row

Exercise 1: Standing ski row

Equipment needed: flexi- band wrapped around attachment at approximately hip height

1. Stand with a 45-60 degree tilt at the hips with arms outstretched at chest/ shoulder height with the flexi-band taught but not overly stretched
2. Pull both arms straight back while keeping the back in the same position
3. 60 secs on,15 secs off and repeat three times.

© Virgin Active
© Virgin Active
© Virgin Active
© Virgin Active

Progression exercise: pull one arm straight back while keeping the other outstretched and maintaining the back in the same position.

© Virgin Active
© Virgin Active
© Virgin Active
© Virgin Active

For more training tips and gym-based swim exercises talk to staff at your gym who should be able to advise you on how to prepare.


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