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Train to cycle


The actual act of riding isn't the hard part of the cycle section in a triathlon: the more stressful part of the competition is the transitions from swim to bike and bike to run... and then there's all the rules to remember.

Cycling rules

  • You have to wear a helmet.
  • You cannot ride in the transition areas you have to push your bike until in the designated mounting zone and the same principle applies at the end of the ride too.
  • You can only unclip and remove your helmet when your bike is safely in the rack.
  • You can't "draft" which is when cyclists go in single file to block the wind and then take it turns to go in front.


Virgin Active's triathlon Fast Classes are brilliant for getting you used to the transition between bike and run.

To build up your bike fitness and stamina take part in additional spinning classes in the gym.

Most importantly get out on your bike tackling hills and a range of terrain to test your body and build your strength.

Virgin Active recommend the following training regime for training for triathlon and each can be tweaked depending on your level. Stay away from pain but train as hard as you can for optimum results:

Bike to Run training:

1. 10 minute bike ride
2. Straight to a one mile run
3. Repeat three times with no rest between


1. Spinning for forty five minutes
2. Straight to a 5k run


1. One hour bike
2. Straight to 5k run

Top Training Tip: Stand up on your bike as you near the end of your cycle to stretch legs and ready them for running again.

Top Triathlon Tip: Get a bike that fits you. Specialized and other bike manufacturers offer bike fitting to tailor your bike to your body which makes for a more comfortable and optimized ride.


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