Triathlon training for women

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 - Triathlon training for women

Triathlon training for women sounds scary to even the fittest gym bunny but Virgin Active have come up with bite size "Triathlon Fast Classes" to get us girls triathlon ready in time for the London triathlon.

Triathlon training for women

If you're triathlon training or you've just decided to take part in a triathlon, training (for women or men) is going to be all important!

We'll take your through the essentials of triathlon training for women and explain what you need to do to get your through your event. You'll be fit and best of all you'll have fun.

There's no reason you couldn't get involved in triathlon - if you can run, if you can swim and you know how to ride a bike then you've already got all the skills you need. No-one says you have to win it.

A triathlon can easily be a personal challenge just like a 10K, a half marathon or a full blown marathon. And there's different levels of race for all abilities too.

What are you waiting for? Get involved.

As with a lot of great things [Kate Middleton, Ricky Gervais and our Editor, Anna-Belle] the Triathlon comes from Reading... well, it came from France but the first UK one took place at Kirton Farm, Reading in 1983.

Nowadays there are Triathlon events all over the country and the Virgin Active London Triathlon is biggest mass-participation event in the world! It has events for first times, enthusiasts, elite athletes and even teams of 3.

What is a triathlon?

There a number of different types but essentially a triathlon comprises swimming, cycling and running in that order. There are designated distances for each but there's also non-standardized races catering for newbies and also some crazier ones for more serious athletes: "Escape from Alcataraz" anyone?

Swim Cycle Run
Super Sprint 200m 10km 2.5km
Sprint (pool based) 400m 20km 5km
Sprint (open water) 750m 20km 5km
Standard Olympic 1500m 40km 10km
Half Ironman 1900m 97.3km 21.1km
Ironman 2.4m 180.2 km 42.2km

The fourth discipline

The transitions between swim and cycle (T1) and cycling and run (T2) are known as the fourth discipline because getting this bit right can take all important seconds or minutes off your final time.

It might seem weird but if you've never practiced getting out of your wetsuit, into trainers and onto your bike can be a time consuming process. It takes practice to be perfect.


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