Week 4: Get rid of bad habits

Week 4: Get rid of bad habits

Ingrained bad habits are often at the bottom of weight problems, and they're tough to shift. A few simple changes in your habits can be enough to help you you drop a dress size or two without even realizing you've lost weight, and without depriving yourself! 

Don't give yourself seconds (except for vegetables). Fill your plate properly so that you have neither too much nor too little, and if you've made too much, keep your leftovers in a tupperware container for another day instead of finishing them off for the sake of it.

Take the salt pot away from the table.
It's far better to add salt during cooking and not later, because it increases your appetite.

Go green.
Make sure you always set out bowls of salad and veg: they're high in fiber and water, they fill you up and make you eat less of other things, especially dessert! 

Vary your cooking methods.
Getting out of bad cooking habits can be the most difficult thing to do. Have a look at our diet recipes in our Food & Drink section and learn how to cook your food so that it retains all its taste and is healthier (steaming, baking, braising, etc). Use fat-free seasoning and watch how much oil and butter you cook with.


Sarah Horrocks
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