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Banned places and fines

Banned places and fines

Where can't you smoke?
From now on, smoking in all indoor public places is banned (pubs, restaurants, cafés, private members' clubs). Smoking in cinemas and on public transport has as a rule been banned for years now. You're also not able to light up whilst in a taxi, even if the window's down.

Where can you still smoke?
You'll still be allowed to smoke outdoors, in your home or in residences such as prisons, care homes and hotels. Smoking could still be banned at certain outdoor locations that are 'substantially enclosed' such as football grounds and railway platforms.

The penalties
On-the-spot fines of £50 are now in place for smokers who persist in lighting up in indoor public places. But it's the owners of the premises who will be hit the hardest if they allow people to smoke on their premises: they can face a £2,500 fine if they fail to stop you. They can also be charged on-the-spot fines of £200 if they fail to display no-smoking signs, with the penalty increasing to £1,000 if the issue goes to court.


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