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 - Stubbing out smoking; Smoking ban July 2007; How to stop smoking
It's now illegal to smoke in practically all public places, so there's never been a better time to kick what's becoming an increasingly anti-social habit. 

With smoking becoming less and less acceptable and the number of people quitting on the up, the smoking ban should have a positive impact on public (and private) health.

See our guide to the smoking ban, including the fines you face for lighting up in public places, and ask yourself: has there really ever been a better time to give up? It could be just what you need to take the plunge and quit... 

Find out what type of smoker you are by taking our test - and be honest! 

See our guide to the best ways of stopping smoking, our expert's answers to your questions, and all the reasons why you should stop to keep you motivated.

Last but not least, your stories and tips for success and some useful contacts to help you on your way to a smoke-free life.




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