How to stop smoking without gaining weight
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Monica, 50

Monica, 50

Monica: "I'd smoked for many years and finally stopped last summer. After my brother-in-law died of lung cancer I didn't want to go the same way. It was very hard, not only because I was so addicted, but because I was going through the menopause at the time I was constantly tired, dperessed, and to top it all I put on weight.
I put on 5 kilos through comfort eating to overcome nicotine cravings. My doctor put me on Zyban to help fight the cravings and hunger pangs, and I also went to see a nutritionist who gave me a special diet plan. I learned to eat healthily, which I admit I'd never done before! I'm still 3 kilos heavier than I was, butI don't mind. It's nothing compared to the benefits of giving up."


Sarah Horrocks
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