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Burning calories
You won't worry about eating too many calories if you sweat them out! What's more, exercise gets rid of stress, gives you a feeling of well-being and tones your body.  

Small changes are better than big resolutions
Before you head off on a ten-mile run, prepare your body by doing everyday exercise: start walking as much as you can (at least 30 minutes a day), take the stairs, do some DIY or gardening, play with the kids, walk the dog.

Choose the right sport
See your doctor to check you're fit to take up a sport and then find one that suits you - swimming and running are great for your lungs, stretching and yoga are relaxing, dancing and boxing are great for stress relief and cycling tones all your muscles. Just do one or two sessions a week to start with, as well as more walking.


Sarah Horrocks
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