How to stop smoking without gaining weight
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-Use anti-smoking aids. Now you're sure you want to stop, aids are essential to get you off nicotine gradually and to stop you reaching for the biscuit tin for comfort too. Patches, gums and tablets are all easy to use and give you the exact amount of nicotine you need to fight your cravings. Your doctor may also be able to prescribe you Zyban or other anti-smoking pills. Many surgeries run stop-smoking clincs with trained nurses, so make the most of whatever advice and support they can give you.

-Fix a date. When you stop, you should stop completely - you stand more of a chance of kicking the habit for good if you're prepared for the day you stop. The best thing to do is choose a symbolic date that means something to you, like your wedding anniversary, someone's birthday, etc, to spur you on. However, don't try and stop during a difficult time (extra stress at work, family problems, etc).

-Prepare the ground. Tell everyone you're stopping, get rid of everything to do with smoking, and get rid of snack food from your cupboards as well, so that you don't get tempted (biscuits, sweets, chocolate). Stock up on the mineral water, put your nicotine substitutes together in a case in your handbag so you know where they are, along with other essentials and aids, such as mints, chewing gum and a cereal bar for when temptation strikes. The night before the big day, cosset yourself: go out for dinner with friends, go shopping, enjoy yourself, and then stub out your final cigarette. Put a big bottle of water by your bed ready for the morning, so that come D-day you get up, have a large glass of water, slap your patch on, have a big breakfast and a few stretches to limber up, and you're off on the way to a new you!


Sarah Horrocks
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