Lose belly fat: Seven tips to lose belly fat

Ten tips to lose belly fat: Goodbye to belly fat


Abdominal crunches © iStockphoto
Abdominal crunches © iStockphoto
Tip 3: Abdominal crunches

To really lose belly fat it's important to contour your flub to flat, using abdominal exercises.

We all know that sit ups can get kinda boring, so keep your routine varied with some of these exercises - all endorsed by leading personal trainers and fitness experts - and with their toned tums, we really can't argue.

Whether you're a begininer or an ab pro there are various exercises that can help you get going.

Nicki Waterman says the Fab Ab Frog Crunches are great for beginners:

"This exercise forces you to keep your lower abs contracted so your back doesn't arch."

Fab Ab Frog Crunches

Lie down on the floor. Bend your knees and let them fall to the sides.

Keep your feet together. Next, hold your head with your hands and lift your chin away from your chest.

Contract your stomach and slowly lift both shoulders off the floor. Rock your hips forward, pause at the top and lower back to start.

To get the best isolation, always keep your lower back pressed into the floor.

One Leg V-Crunches

A great way to target both the upper and lower abs.

Technique: In a basic crunch position, bend one knee so the foot is flat on the floor. Straighten the other leg, holding it a few inches off the floor.

Use your upper abs to raise your torso.

Squeeze your lower abs and bring your knee as close to your face as you can, while keeping your lower back pressed into the floor. Flex your abs at the top and return to the start. Switch legs and repeat.

Never let your shoulders or leg touch the floor. Try to keep your abs contracted throughout the entire exercise.

One Leg Side V-Crunches

An advanced exercise for all areas of the abs

Technique: This time, from a basic crunch position, roll your knees to the right so your knee lie on the floor with your left knee directly on top.

Next, extend the top leg, but keep your hips at a right angle to the floor. Use your hands to support your head and push your lower back toward the floor. Bring your left knee toward your chest.

At the same time, lift your left shoulder towards your knee. Squeeze at the top and slowly go back down. Change sides and repeat.

Nicki's Tip: No swinging. This isn't a hip flexor exercise. All movements come from the abs.


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