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Seven tips to lose belly fat: Goodbye to belly fat

Get a toned tum and lose your belly fat! © iStockphoto - Lose belly fat: Seven tips to lose belly fat
Get a toned tum and lose your belly fat! © iStockphoto
Want a washboard stomach like Nicole Scherzinger? Us too. Say goodbye to your belly fat and make it flat with these top tips on how to lose belly fat and keep it off.

Be warned it takes some hard graft, discipline and plenty of motivation, but if you want results and are prepared to work for them then these tips to lose belly fat are just what you need.

We've spoken to fitness and health experts to find out how to swap belly fat for a belly that's flat - read on for the belly of your dreams...

Nicky Waterman, celebrity personal trainer and TLC fitness plan expert says: "Your abs are one of the easiest muscle groups to train at anytime in your own home.

"Besides looking great, a toned midsection is the core foundation of a healthy back, because strong abdominals will help give your torso the stability and support necessary to protect your back from injury."

Trimming your spare tire down to size requires a two pronged attack. Start by looking at what you're really eating and be honest with yourself.

Gordon Crawford is a fitness coach for K-Swiss. He says: "What you eat and the way you eat is very important if you want to have a flat stomach.

"It’s not just what you eat or don't eat. When and how often you eat is equally important and doing this right, small amounts and often will help your body burn more fat even when you rest."

Swap salty sugary snacks for something more nutritious - we love Graze Boxes which have snack size portions of healthy foods, so you can do your body some good rather than fill up on bloating fizzy drinks and crisps.

So once you've swapped your snacks over, and have invested in some sports wear, it's time to get active.

Read on for flat stomach exercises that will tone up belly fat. Yep. It's crunch time...


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