Inside the UK's first Salt Cave
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Relaxation is of prime importance as the gentle sound of waves lapping and birds tweeting instantly help you unwind. The walls and floor of the chamber are salt-coated and before entering you are required to wear protective covers over your hair and shoes to preserve the salt’s purity. For each hour-long session you simply sit back, relax and put your feet up while soaking up the tranquil atmosphere and the specialized air. Walking around the chamber feels just like walking across a sandy beach and the calming tranquil environment actually feels like a mini-holiday get-away from it all.

The walls of the Salt Chamber

Before entering the salt cave, my chest felt extremely tight and I was restricted to breathing shallowly as it was painful to try to breathe normally. Added to this was my deep cough continuing to rear its ugly head so there was trepidation I would ruin the peaceful environment by subjecting the room to my barking cough. However, after my first session, the tight sensation in my chest had reduced and my coughing was only occasional. By the end of the second session, I found I could breathe not only normally but take big deep breaths without experiencing any pain or resistance. My constant urge to cough had also greatly reduced and I could really see as an ongoing treatment the Salt Cave therapy would work wonders for my asthma condition. From this asthma sufferer, the Salt Cave gets a big thumbs up.

The Salt Cave, 320b Earlsfield Road, London, SW18 3EJ. Tel: (0208) 8706006 Salt Therapy Treatment £35 per session with first introductory session free of charge. Julie Penfold traveled from Durham to London by rail with National Express East Coast: advance returns, booked online, start from £30 Standard Class or £105 First Class. Book via, call 08457 225225 or visit any staffed station.


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