Inside the UK's first Salt Cave
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Britain’s first Salt Cave is an artificial indoor chamber which is designed to replicate the natural conditions in a Siberian salt mine. Halotherapy, derived from the Greek word ‘halos’ meaning salt, is a complementary alternative treatment for respiratory problems which is widely used in Eastern Europe and Russia. The Salt Cave’s Hungarian-born founder Sofia Benke was surprised salt therapy was not available in the UK, as for Sofia the natural remedy had transformed her ongoing battle with sinusitis, and it was a 100% natural drug-free treatment Sofia wanted to share with the UK’s legion of respiratory and allergy problem sufferers. Salt therapy is medically proven, and is suitable for adults and children. Parents of asthmatic children make up over half of the newly opened Salt Cave’s clientele, and the children are catered for with a toy corner to while away the therapeutic hours. Positive results on a patient’s condition can last for months, though this depends on the severity of the condition and the number of sessions the patient has.

Inside the Salt Cave is a special room, known as the Salt Chamber, where sodium chloride particles are released which you breathe in naturally while sitting in the salt chamber. The particles, invisible to the naked eye, penetrate deep into the lungs, improving breathing and helping to clear the airways of mucus and reducing inflammation of the sinuses. 


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