Preparing yourself for winter sports
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Essential health kit for skiing and other winter sports


 - Essential health kit for skiing and other winter sports
When you're indulging in winter sports, take with you:

- A balm or arnica seeds to soothe bruises in case you fall.

- A cream to prevent blisters or special plasters to deal with blisters.

- Sun cream: the reflection of UV rays is stronger at higher altitudes. Choose a cream that protects against UVAs and UVBs (SPF +50). Apply cream to your face (and your children's faces) to prevent sunburn. Reapply every couple of hours, even when it's overcast.

- High protection sunglasses to protect your eyes from the light. It's important to wear sunglasses to prevent lesions developing on the surface of the eyes (“snow blindness"). Read our article on how to choose sunglasses.

- A stick of lip balm. Slide it in your backpack, it could turn out very useful for repairing chaps caused by the wind and the cold.

- Hand cream, to prevent cracked skin.

consult a doctor at once if you have suffered a severe injury or trauma.

a trip involving a high altitude (above 2500 meters) isn't recommended for pregnant women, children under 18 months, or people suffering from certain illnesses (breathing difficulties, heart problems, etc.).


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