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Alpine skiing: preparation for downhill skiing


Alpine (or downhill) skiing - Alpine skiing: preparation for downhill skiing
Alpine (or downhill) skiing
A favorite at ski resorts, alpine skiing (or downhill skiing) is an activity loved by people of all ages.

Performed on slopes with compacted snow (pistes), the pistes are marked according to their level of difficulty through the use of a color-coded system (green, blue, red, black).

Skiing is a very physical sport that requires balance and coordination.

Muscles used:
Skiing mostly works the lower muscles, particularly those in the calves, thighs and bottom.

Downhill skiing requires intense effort during the descent but you get the chance to rest and recuperate while going up in the chairlift!

The cardiovascular and respiratory systems are also worked hard too.

Precautions to take:
> Skiing can cause a variety of injuries due to falls or excessive use of muscles. It's important to train beforehand so that your body is prepared for the activity, and to choose appopriate equipment.

> It's strongly recommended that you and your children wear a helmet.

> Skiing isn't recommended for pregnant women, as with all sports where there is a considerable risk of falling.


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