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Cross-country skiing: preparation for cross-country skiing


Cross-country skiing - Cross-country skiing: preparation for cross-country skiing
Cross-country skiing
Cross-country skiing, unlike Alpine skiing, doesn't require slopes. It can be practiced on special, flat tracks, where the skier has to use their own muscles to move foward, and not only rely on gravity!

The technique is simple: you just lift the heel (which isn't attached to the ski) to make a sort of "sliding walk" movement, with the help of ski sticks.

Cross-country skiing is a very physical activity, allowing you to do some exercise in a peaceful location, far from the packed-out ski slopes and chairlifts.

Muscles used:
It's a very complete sport because it works a variety of muscles in the legs, trunk, back and bottom.

Cross-country skiing also requires endurance because it involves continuous effort. The cardiovascular and respiratory systems are also worked hard.

Precautions to take:
> Start off gradually: don't set off at full speed, you'll end up exhausted after just a few minutes!
> Wear clothing that is specially designed to evacuate sweat so your body doesn't get cold while you're skiing.


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