Preparing yourself for winter sports
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Winter sports survey results


 - Winter sports survey results

Survey results:
Q1 - How often do you indulge in winter sports?
Every year, it's a real breath of fresh air and you couldn't imagine not going
33 %
When you have the time and the money… in other words, not very often
8 %
Never. The cold and the high prices put you off
58 %
Q2 - When you're in the mountains, which sport do you practise the most?
Alpine (or downhill) skiing
42 %
Cross-country skiing
0 %
14 %
0 %
No winter sports or board sports for you...
42 %
Q3 - When you're there, your day tends to consist of:
Getting up at 7am and going skiing all day long
20 %
Sport in the morning, siesta in the afternoon and fondue with friends in the evening
40 %
A lie-in, followed by sunbathing and a mug of hot chocolate on a terrace
0 %
You never go to the mountains in the winter
40 %



Survey results
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